Databases store data about what happened in a transaction (or any event) that happened in an organization. A form is a reflection that such transaction (or event) actually happened. The data in the form may not necessarily be complete. There are important data in most of the forms used that are not recorded but are important to completely record what happened in the transaction. What can we use as a guide to what's the minimum amount of information to capture and store in the database?
  1. What is the transaction?
  2. Who did the transaction? Who were the people involved in the transaction?
  3. When did the transaction happen? When was it completed? When was it started?
  4. Where did the transaction happen?
  5. What were done in the transaction?
  6. How was the transaction done (phone, email, form), should other forms of transacting exists.
Groups who cannot show me the reports in which these data to be recorded will be used, only signals that they have not done thorough data requirements analysis, and the design of the database is no convincingly complete. It is also through simulated forms that are incomplete and lacks the vital details to record the transaction that we can tell whether the group is doing the database project well or not.